Jimmy Wright

Growing up in New Zealand, Jimmy had the Pacific Ocean as his playground and lived to surf. At 18 he discovered kayaking and the joys of playing in the ever different flows of whitewater rivers.

Along the way he met his wife Marisa, a Missoula local, they followed summers between Montana, Alaska and New Zealand working as guide/instructors, finding more rivers to play in and raising their two boys Wilder and Radley.


Jason Shreder

Shreder has been kayaking/instructing whitewater kayaking for the past 15 years.  He has successfully taught hundreds of local teenagers in the surrounding Missoula area to become competent whitewater kayakers.  He enjoys anything water related and can be seen river surfing, raft guiding, or just hanging out with his family on the banks of the Clark Fork or Lochsa Rivers.


Andrew Gonzales

Originally from the Washington State, Andrew came to Missoula for all it's outdoor pursuits.  Quickly after arriving in Missoula he fell into the world of whitewater kayaking and has been overtaken by it's endless adventures ever since. Like Jimmy, Andrew's passion and love for rivers has brought him to Crux, where sharing the joy of kayaking is the ultimate reward.