Why Kayaking?

A rivers power is undeniable and living in Montana our waterways are our greatest treasure. Often, however, these treasures are guarded by equally magnificent whitewater rapids. It is here at these wild places where the Crux exist, and where paddlers can explore not only the rivers power but their own. 

The CRux focus


Strong teamwork is the only way kayaking is done safely, so working as one is vital to the entire Crux experience.


Leadership Development

Kayaking is a unique sport that requires a unique set of skills. In trenched in this skill set is the ability to choose your own path and stand behind your decisions. It’s our goal to teach our students how to tackle these problems with a clear plan and


By joining Crux our participants are finding people to paddle with, and like many sports deep relationships can blossom out of these shared experiences. When our participants leave camp they go home with new experiences, new skills and new friends.  

River Stewardship

When people interact with nature they ultimately develop a connection to nature. It's this connection that we hope drives participants to protect and care for the places they play in.